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  Cogenda provides software products and technical services in semiconductor simulation and other fields of numerical simulation.

  Founded in 2008, Cogenda is a private-owned company with strong emphasis on research. Having been serving customers from the semiconductor and aerospace industries with challenging and sometimes unconventional engineering objectives, Cogenda has emerged as a partner of in-depth physical insights and practical engineering solutions.

Radiation effect simulation & Modeling
  • VisualTCAD

 Graphical user interface for device simulator Genius

  • Genius

 Next-generation 3D parallel device simulator

  • GDs2Mesh

 3D TCAD model construction tool

  • VisualFab

 Integrated workbench for process simulation experiments

  • CRad

 Space radiation environment model and effect prediction

  • VisualParticle

 Monte Carlo simulation of energetic particles


EDA Solution

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