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  OneSpin Solutions is a pioneer of advanced, award winning formal verification technologies, incubated at Infineon and leveraging 300+ engineering years of development and applications experience.

  The company’s product line includes plug & play design analysis requiring no knowledge of formal methods, to powerful, exhaustive coverage-driven property verification, and incorporates an Equivalency Checker used as a gold standard for other design tools. Excelling in ease-of-use, high-performance and accessibility, OneSpin’s products have been adopted by a large number of electronic system and semiconductor companies on many leading edge designs.

  • OneSpin 360 DV Family - Formal Design Verification

       - OneSpin 360-DV Inspect™

       - OneSpin 360-DV Verify™

       - OneSpin 360-DV Certify™ 

  • OneSpin 360 EC Family - Equivalence Checking

       - OneSpin 360 EC-RTL

       - OneSpin 360 EC-FPGA

       - OneSpin 360 EC-ASIC

EDA Solution

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