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Empyrean provides the professional electronic design automation (EDA) software, IP and design services, including analog / mixed analog-digital IC design of the whole process solutions, digital SoC design optimization solutions, Flat Panel Design (FPD) optimization solutions and customized consulting services.Empyrean boasts with the largest and leading-edge research and development team, and is also China's largest EDA software supplier.

  • ALPS

 Fast, High-Capacity Parallel SPICE Simulator

  • Argus

 fast and accurate in-design DRC/LVS solution for analog, digital and mixed-signal designs

  • ClockExplorer

 analyzes clock structures and optimizes clock constraints to reduce insertion delay.

  • TimingExplorer

 truly placement- and routing-aware, multi-corner, multi-mode timing ECO tool 

  • PowerExplorer

 timing-aware, it optimizes power without introducing new timing violations

  • LibExplorer

 comprehensive timing library analysis tool

  • Skipper

 high performance chip finishing tool capable of efficiently handling today’s largest layout databases

  • FlashLVL

 optimized database and highly efficient memory management system

  • iWave

 analog and mixed-signal waveform viewer and analyzer

  • PVE

 easy-to-use physical verification debug tool

  • RCExplorer

 fast, in-design, pre-LVS and post-extraction parasitic analysis

  • Aether

Schematic and Layout Design Platform

  • Qualib

 library/IP QA and debugging platform 

EDA Solution

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