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  Anchor is a pioneer and a Worldwide Leader in semiconductor hotspot pattern management and analysis software, supplying both foundries and IDMs with a suite of software solutions to improve manufacturing efficiency and chip yield. Under the innovative pattern-centric Yield Accelerator (YA) platform, Anchor helps with resolving the rapidly increasing challenges of analyzing and managing significant volumes of CD metrology data from the fab, determining process critical design patterns, and optimizing fab processes.

Solution Introduction

  layout-related hotspot identification and analysis, OPC verification, photomask manufacturing, wafer-level printing, and yield enhancement.

  • D2DB-PM (Die-to-Database Pattern Monitor)

Tap the full potential of SEM images in ways that redefine production line monitoring for advanced technology nodes.

  • NanoScope PRV (Post-RET/OPC Verification)

A production-proven model-based, pattern-centric full chip Post-RET/OPC verification software solution providing accurate lithography process modeling, comprehensive defect detection and analysis, and process window limiting pattern extraction.

  • I2DC (Image to Design Contour)

A specialized tool for the OPC / Lithography engineer, who needs to compare simulation with real silicon to analyze the OPC workflow and perform adjustments as needed.

  • SMDD (Simulation based Mask Defect Disposition)

Lower cost defect verification solution in mask shops and wafer fabs, proved accuracy by OPC model and AIMS matching data.


EDA Solution

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